Satin Face-Mask

    • Satin masks to the rescue!
    • Satin is actually amazing for your skin especially if you're prone to breaking out
    • Lightweight satin fabric should help with reducing sweat which means NO MORE CHIN BREAK-OUTS!
    • These satin masks are double layered & have passed the "lighter challenge".
    • You can pull open the pleats to adjust the width of the mask
    • Way more breathable than any other fabric... promise!
    • Proud to say these were made by us in our very own tailor shop that's located in the LES of NYC.. so it's safe to say they were definitely made with lots of love xo


    CARE LABEL: YES! These masks are absolutely machine & of course hand washable. We encourage it! Machine wash in low heat/cold OR hand-wash & hang dry! Totally up to you. We do not recommend dry cleaning due to all the chemicals being used in the process!


    * Unfortunately we will not be accepting any returns or exchanges on masks due to COVID-19 safety rules & regulations.